Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Against The Flood - a review

I write small pieces so it isn't that.

These all seem like small incomplete pieces. That isn't to say she isn't a good writer. She's a fine writer. It just seems like each section is a shard of a piece, a "piece" of something. It sems like notes for a zine, the concept of a zine.

She writes about bulimia and anrexia. She tries to be happy. She makes a list. She wants to undertand who she is, how she's differnet while somehow want to fit in. I think she's a lesbian. Pretty standard fare.

Again: she is a fine writer. Very easy on the eyes...

Also she handwrites in places and while she has a pretty 13 year old girl handwriting, its awful to read. Also address, just an e-mail: dumpster.mouse@gmail.com and no price.

Here's what I would do:

I would send her 2 bucks and get this. It's short but like I said, she has a clean earnest writing style and there isn't much filler. Now you're on her mailing list. Once she cleans up her style, tightens the screws, she'll be a writer to read. Also she reviews funtionally ill #3 which is one of the best zines out there.

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