Friday, May 9, 2008

Dorothea #1 Review by Gavin J. Grant for Leeking Inc

These short-short stories were written
in the months following Mike’s mother’s
death—so we’re not talking sweetness
and light for the most part. Mike has a
great line in his introduction, “I have always
been a liar.” Which is a line so good
and basic to the writing of fiction that he
repeats it as the very last (handwritten)
line of his afterword.

Fake Life #3 Review by Matt Fagan for Leeking Inc.

This is a straight-up punk zine, and its primary
purpose in life is to love the Florida
punk scene, and teach you to love it too.
So, FAKE LIFE mostly consists of band interviews
and show reviews.

It bears mentioning that I actually read all
the interviews and reviews, because they
were written in an interesting way. So often
I find my mind wandering when I read
stuff like that, but FAKE LIFE isn’t bullshit,
it’s punk – by punks, for punks. Also, rants
and shit. If you’re planning a trip to Florida,
order up a copy before you head down

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Against The Flood - a review

I write small pieces so it isn't that.

These all seem like small incomplete pieces. That isn't to say she isn't a good writer. She's a fine writer. It just seems like each section is a shard of a piece, a "piece" of something. It sems like notes for a zine, the concept of a zine.

She writes about bulimia and anrexia. She tries to be happy. She makes a list. She wants to undertand who she is, how she's differnet while somehow want to fit in. I think she's a lesbian. Pretty standard fare.

Again: she is a fine writer. Very easy on the eyes...

Also she handwrites in places and while she has a pretty 13 year old girl handwriting, its awful to read. Also address, just an e-mail: and no price.

Here's what I would do:

I would send her 2 bucks and get this. It's short but like I said, she has a clean earnest writing style and there isn't much filler. Now you're on her mailing list. Once she cleans up her style, tightens the screws, she'll be a writer to read. Also she reviews funtionally ill #3 which is one of the best zines out there.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Fake Life #3

Proudly raw and sloppy, this punk perzine combines scenereports, show reviews, and band interviews with personal essays,ranting, and fiction. There’s nothing particularly earth shatteringabout FL—even the interview with Henry Rollins is embarrassingly facileand uncritical—but the enthusiasm with which Mike approaches hisself-appointed task of documenting the Tallahassee scene is infectious.Mike, 5666 Split Oak Ln., Tallahassee FL 32303.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hobson's Choice Review of Dorothea #2

My oh my. I haven’t been this hooked into a zine for a long time. Each story in this issue is bite-size but, like candy, you end up eating the whole package at once. What really grabbed my attention is how clearly the voice comes through; the style is beautiful. While most of the stories are on the dirty side with a large focus on sex and murder, there are a few pieces that transcend it. ‘The Creep’ is an unrealized character study, and it’s backed up by stories about a painter named Ludwig. Now for the bad: Mike’s grammar is pretty atrocious. Do not let this fool you into thinking that he cannot write, however; there is something very powerful in the way he conveys his stories. I put issue 2 down and felt the rush of inspiration again. If there is truly anything that can be considered ‘American Writing’ today, it’s coming from the mind of Mike Baker.
Check out Hobson's Choice.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

To RJ and Our Troops

Hey man,

I got the impression the last time I saw you that there was maybe something you wanted to say to me, something about my anti troop rants that I know, from our conversation, you disagreed strongly with.

I say that but I think it had more to do with my growing uncertainity about my over inflated sense of rightousness. What I mean is that I was wrong, have been wrong for sometime. I feel pretty bad about that being that I was loud mouthed about it and there isn't much to do there except admit it and move on.

I don't know what to think about fighting war I believe is wrong but I can not even imagine the struggle our troops go through every day, the risks they take or the real consequences they face.

I find myself simply hoping they come home as well as possible, that their families are not alone and that they be treated with the respect and dignity warriors deserve.

I hate to think that this was unresolved between you and me. I've stayed away from the Shed for that reason. I apologize for being an ignorant loud mouth.


Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dream Girl... aaaaaahhhhhh

I just got done editing my freakin profile. Just to put something out there that looks better than, well, nothing. So after a while of playing with the stuff in it, I started cliking on some of what looked like links in the view of the edited profile. Dang cool. It showed me other users that had the same keyword in the same segment of their profile. So while clicking along and just sorta browsing I come across this 33 year old woman's profile. Awesome.. Instantaneous internet love. She's got this really cool sense of humor, lives in my town, so many of the same interests. Oh so totally facinating to look over her many many vacation pictures of greek antiquities and read through her blogs. Just one problem.. no freakin way to contact her that I could find. CRAP! Just as my mind was fantasizing over the gagillion cups of coffee we'd share in some cheezy coffee house, the improvised open mic poetry we'd kid each other with, looking at and making fun of the art at railroad square, the really dreamy philosophy conversation that would last for hours, the making out in the parking lot followed by the hours of foreplay and passionate sex with no strings attached.. (breathe). Oh well. I may never meet you in person, you party girl, you. But at least this moment passed pleasurably.

Seriously though, you really do seem really cool beyond this cold flat screen. I hope for the chance at a good coffee and the whole art thing. Bon Chance!